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historias de éxito de algunos de nuestros clientes

"Good Morning Carlos, Thank you for your great help and support regarding my skill Independent permanent visa application. I appreciate your and your entire team cooperation during the process of my visa application. I agree that you and your entire team are working in a great and professional way and you try all your best to fulfil your client satisfaction. Please pass my regards and thankful thoughts to your entire team."

Tania, México


"Sin duda alguna Australia ha sido hasta ahora la mejor de mis experiencias y mi mejor inversión. Conoces gente de todo el mundo de las cuales te enriqueces mucho con lo que aprendes de sus culturas. Los sueldos son mucho mayores que en mi país, y vives sin inseguridad. Tienes la naturaleza a unos pasos e increíbles lugares para visitar y conocer. ¡No tienes tiempo de aburrirte en absoluto! En mi caso vivo en Brisbane y el clima allí es fantástico, y la playa está a unos minutos de mi casa."

William, Colombia


"Hello, I hope you are doing well. I´m writting to let you know Fanny and I are already in Australia. Finally we decide to arrive to Melbourne. We´ve been here for two weeks, we already got an apartment and now we are in the process of finding jobs. We are very happy of finally achieve our dream. We also wanted to thank you for all your hard work that make it possible for us to come here."

Luis Alberto, México


"Thank you for your great help in the granting of the 190 visa ! Your patience and professionalism won the day!"

Griseiddys, Venezuela


"The whole aspect of visa and migration is extremely challenging. To complete this without your expertise and personal input would have been very stressful. Knowing your constant assistance and sincerity was always at hand, helped us immensely. I would absolutely recommend you to anyone thinking of using your services. There is no one more perfectly suitable! Thank you so much!"

Inmaculada, España


"I’m totally convinced that my decision to come to Australia to study my Master degree and then staying to live here permanently has been the best decision that I’ve ever taken in my life. When I finished my degree, I had the fortune to meet the people who made possible my dream of living in Australia permanently."

Franco, Argentina


"Your team has provided me with swift and prompt advice on the application procedure for the General Skilled Migrant Visa. The staff have been very friendly and helpful in answering all my questions. The answers have always been useful and informative in assisting me in completing the forms as well. Overall I would recommend them to anyone thinking of migrating to Oz Land!"

Carolina, Chile


“My wife and I visited Australia in 2011 while she was pregnant for the first time and we were impressed by the ‘Australian way of life’. A few years later, after our second child was born, we both thought that moving to Australia would give our son and daughter good chances of a better life and a brighter future. So we made the decision to try and get a permanent visa. I came across emigraraaustraliaya.com and I was impressed by their excellent reliable customer service, so that I chose them as our immigration agent. I can state for sure I made the best possible choice. They provides a cost effective yet outstanding “stress free” immigration service. Personally, I valued their advice so much. They were honest and trustworthy, stating clearly when it was just time to wait and not leading to false hopes.

Carlos, México


“I'm very glad for visiting your web site and it has helped me very much. You are the best consultants for me and I hope you get successful more than ever. Regards, Alvaro”

Alvaro, Colombia


“Australia es un país único con una gran calidad de vida. Además es un país que abre sus puertas para la llegada de nuevos inmigrantes, es mucho más sencillo viajar y establecerse en otro país, cuando este tiene políticas claras y precisas para la llegada de nuevos residentes.”

Jorge Carlos, Perú


"Thank You for assisting us with  our skilled visa application. We appreciate all your efforts and guidance, wich we found to be clear and concise."

Alfredo, España